How do we work?

Recruitment process:

Source of manpower:

We hire both freshers and experienced persons. They generally come from reference of other working staffs, consultancies and walk-in candidates to the office. They are subjected to personal interview and physical fitness test. Preference is given to ex-army personnel or experienced candidates for security service. For housekeeping staff, preference is given to experienced candidates with higher qualification.

Verification process:

Once the pre-selection process is completed, a background check is executed. Once, convinced about the authenticity of the candidate, he/she has to undergo police verification procedure for joining the work.

Training and development:

Once the verification process is completed, the training and development program is executed. It includes knowledge about work, knowledge about machineries related to work, knowledge about chemicals for housekeeping staffs along with the standard SOP.

To give clients an extra feel of comfort, we design a customised SOP for the site. The staffs for any particular site are trained as per the SOP before being deployed in the particular project.

They further go under OJT (on job training) for few days before being permanently absorbed in the job Further, the trainer visits in regular interval to update and test knowledge of the existing staffs.

Problems & Solutions:

Problems or grievances of clients are taken very seriously by us. Every week, operation team mangers meet the client to understand their level of happiness with the service. The clients need to give ratings in the feedback form which are duly recorded to understand their satisfaction level across the time line of our services.

For any problems, that requires urgent attention, our operation managers are available 24X7. We make it sure that for any complains, operation team visits the site within

24 hours and give feedback to the client with the minimum deadline to seek out the issue. Our aim is to remove the problems from the roots at the nascent level itself.


Security Housekeeping Gardening Swimming pool Facde cleaning
Walky Talky Chemicals Grass cutters Suction pumps Safety belts
HMD Single dic auto scrubber Manual cutters Deep brushes Suction pads
DFMD Double disc auto scrubber Other gardening tools Others Others
UVM Jet spray
Others Manual sweepers
Telescopic rods

These machineries are from top brands and we take responsibility for their wear and tear and replacements. Our staffs are trained for usage of these machineries and are capable of detecting minor defects and rectifying them. Further, for major defaults, the technicians reach sites within the shortest time possible

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